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Greetings all

I am an expat renting an apartment in Germany with my wife and son for couple of years now. I work as a seeman onboard a Bahamas flagged vessel, for an american company - no relation with any german entity whatsoever, besides the rent. In 2018 my wife got approved to work as a pharmacist and everything started to blur from here. Thinking I am not working or no relation to german taxation, she got a corresponding wage class where she has to submit a tax return form.

Being in the middle of the continent, is not common for tax advisors to be competent to tend our tax returns, so we lost time....a lot. Now before taking the matter in our hands, we said to give it a try to search online for an adviser, competent with our situation.

Working over 183 days a year onboard the vessel, similar with my fellow colleagues from various european countries, I should not pay any income taxes anywhere.
Besides reading this forum, I have done some research on my own and this is what I have learned...

Any income earned outside the country from a non german employer, wich has no office in Germany, by an employee which has no period stayed in Germany longer than 183 days in a year and has no habitual residence in Germany, is not eligible to pay any income tax in Germany.

True or false? If false please explain which part.

I know I used a lot of conditional wording, but should be very easy to be understood by someone competent in this matter.

We are renting in Baden Württemberg region.

Thank you for your consideration and for thinking in english on my topic :)

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